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       SHINKO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has been changed the name of business to SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. effective from April 1st, 2009.

     The Background of Our New Corporate Name   

     The origin of our new company name - SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  lies in the term for a 17th century Italian opera overture, sinfonia, which is also
     the root of the English word symphony, a suite comprised of four movements to be played by an orchestra.  One reason why symphonies are loved by music listens      throughout the world is because over the long course of history musical instruments have become able to product an incredible number of unique sounds.  Yet another      reason is the development of a large variety of melodic styles.  Our company's forte as well lies in the great variety of products and technologies.  In short, we have
     taken the word sinfonia, to allude to this variety, and combined it with technology in order to create our new corporate name.  In the same way that an opera overture      points towards a musical adventure yet to come, it is our hope that our new company name gives some indication of the bright new future that lies ahead for out      organization.


     Our New Symbol Mark : Sinfonia Pulse Mark

    Technology that reverberates in the minds of our customers, technology that reverberates on into the future of our planet, technology that      reverberates to instill benevolence : that's the kind of vibrant and vigorous technology that the symbol mark designed by SINFONIA     TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is meant to symbolize.  The green and gray waves stand for progress and growth toward the future, and for the     experience and wisdom we have cultivated over the years.  All these are combined to make the capital " S " in Sinfonia.


Corporate color



   Our new Corporate Color

   The color green connotes nature, the environment, growth, life, health, safety, freshness and youth.  The first image that come to mind when one    hears our new corporate name, SINFONIA    TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., will of course be sound.  We set about translating this image of    sound into one of color, and arrived at the conclusion that green would most aptly convey both our corporate philosophy and the " reverberating "    technology we create.





Reliable Motion Control for Comfortable OA and Advanced FA Applications

SHINKO's electromagnetic clutch brakes have earned a solid reputation for high reliability and durability. Our Clutch BL series for OA applications offers an ideal lineup for the paper-feeding mechanisms in such devices as printers, copiers and fax machines; our negative-actuated electromagnetic clutch/brake gets the job done in industrial robots and NC machine toos; our linear drive units deliver effortless horizontal and vertical transport in various kinds of automated equipment and processes; and our elevator brakes give architects broader freedom in building design.
These are just a few examples of the ways that SHINKO motion control devices are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications.

Main Products

- Micro-clutches for OA equipment
- Electromagnetic clutch/brakes
- Linear drive units
- Elevator brakes





     Powerful vibration for flow-resistant materials

     The RV series vibrating motors feature and unbalanced weight attached      to the rotor shaft that generates and excitation force to produce      powerful vibration. Designed for large-capacity hoppers, bins and      chutes, these motors easily shift low-resistant or sticky materials. Even      materials that have proved hard to handle with other vibration      equipment can be conveyed smoothly, with no clogging and arching      problems. Ideal drive units for all types of vibratory equipment.







CF Series
Small-sized Feeders
New-type electrom agnetic feeders that are easier to use

Based on tried-and-tested technology, these small electromagnetic feeders
for the supply/discharge of particulate materials are now much easier to
use. The addition of a variable frequency controller, supplied as standard,
eliminates the need for delicate leaf spring adjustments. Tuning is simple and
requires no experience. These new models also feature increased delivery
capacity, and outstanding durability. Ideal for supply, small-volume precision
supply, and discharge of superfine powders and all other particular materials.




      The Simple Way to Prevent Material from Getting Blocked or Stuck

      Simply attach these high-performance vibrators to hoppers, bins, or chutes       to ensure that the material inside is delivered smoothly, without arching or       getting blocked. Many models of two different structural types are       available to precisely match operating conditions and the material being       handled.   SHINKO also offers vibratory packers that are ideal for canning       and blottling operations.






Digital Controller C10 Series
For Parts Feeder and small electromagnetic feeders Use

A completely new type of digital controller that can be used with the full line-up of feeders, from high frequency mini parts feeders to small electromagnetic feeders and large size models.

With " analog-style " operation it can be adjusted very swiftly.

With an auto-tuning function that eliminates the need for frequency adjust-ment, and convenient digital settings and display, drive units can be operated to their potential.


       Dual Motion PARTS FEEDER
      Smooth, low-noise conveyance


      - Setting vertical amplitude at the lowest possible setting greatly reduces         bouncing of workpieces. Thin, flat workpieces remain separate and are         conveyed smoothly.
      - Work is conveyed as though gliding, with mininal impact between work-          pieces and track, resulting in minimal noise.
      - Compact size makes it possible to interchange them with EA/ER Series          parts feeders or those of other manufacturers.
      - A single drive unit can be used for right or left bowl orientation.


      - Plastic, easily damanged workpieces for medical and electronic equipment
      - Low-noise conveyance of auto and other metal parts
      - Precision equipment and other electronic parts that require highly         accuragte sorting.









      LIFTING MAGNET displays outstanding performance in loading,      unloading and transporting various steel material including scrap.  The lifting      magnet developed especially for scrap is the result of SHINKO's up-to-date      technology and long years of experience as a pioneer in lifting magnets.        Any kind of scrap can be handled with confidence and you get amazing      ligting performance, high reliability and outstanding ease in use.









-  Easy and speedy handling.
-  Ideal for handling large volumes.
-  Easy operation, only single operator required.
-  Increased heavy duty cycle.
-  Aluminium wound coil, special C insulation.
-  Completely sealed terminal box.
-  All welded waterproof construction.




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